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Please come to visit our cats! We currently care for many senior cats as well as cats with special needs and handicaps. You could help us to care for these cats with a nominal sponsor fee of $20 a month. 


Sponsorship includes the costs of food, litter, shelter, veterinary care, and maintenance of these beautiful cats. It is a great option if you would like to help these cats but do not have the time to volunteer or the capability to adopt one of them. Your donations are much appreciated and go directly to caring for these cats! 


If you are interested in sponsoring any of the few cats featured below, please give us a call at (808) 291-6109.


Zuma resided at Park & Ride in Hawaii Kai and she had a stroke. Caregiver brought her in to us and we were able to medicate her in time. She now put on some weight and live with others in our cat house. Zuma would love a visit from you!


Blondie is a beautiful white cat with one blue eye. She was turned in to us by a caregiver that found her stuck in a City Mill property for about two weeks with very little food and water. Here, Blondie is pictured with her best buddy Splotchy. Blondie could use some extra love and attention.

Ray & Stevie

​Ray (Gray) is partially blind and Stevie (Orange) is completely blind. They are partners, super friendly, live together and super friendly.They love attention and welcome any visitors who can spend a few minutes with them. Stevie & Ray would love to have you brush them and give them 5 minutes of your time.


​Bones from Park & Ride Hawaii Kai and was hit by a car. He is young and healthy so we amputated his broken leg and he currently resides in our cat house with other furry friends. He is doing fine with 3 legs and happy to be alive.

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