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Are feral cats destroying our native species population?

Don't be led to believe native species can be helped by killing cats!
International groups spend big money to turn the public against Trap Neuter Release Management (TNRM) of cats. There are people in powerful positions of departments that will gain our tax money if a law is passed allowing them to kill cats. There are a number of disturbing and misleading statements and pictures. For example, calling toxoplasmosis a “deadly disease” when in fact it is “rarely harmful”.(1)(2)(3) Nearly 60 million Americans, almost one in four people didn't even know they had it and are now immune! It is similar for all warm blooded animals, including native species. Any adult death from toxoplasmosis suggests another serious primary cause.(3)  NOAA refuses to share laboratory reports with the community (Envirowatch).

Why are they not transparent? This tunnel vision is not helping native species. Reports lead folks to believe that there is a sole cause but veterinary literature says that is highly unlikely! Groups call them self "conservation"and talk about killing colony cats when they should talk about preventing sewage spills and the amount of massive development run off. See the corruption and vote no, a conservation committee will remove public input.
At native bird habitats, feral cats are trapped, traumatized and killed (TTK) or they are removed and placed in a TNRM colony located far away from native birds. Colony cats have a feeding station, the un-neutered cats are spotted, trapped, fixed and released. Fixed cats have a notch in their ear. "Cats generally develop immunity to T gondii after the initial infection and therefore SHED (toxoplasmosis) oocysts ONLY ONCE in their LIFETIME."(3) A hundred fixed and fed cats may not shed toxoplasmosis. In an older fixed colony, the cats no longer shed the disease and prevent other cats from moving in. THE TNRM CATS THEN ACTUALLY PROTECT THE AREA.
In Australia the government decided to eradicate cats. Pet cats are often trapped and killed. They add inhumane poison to the program. Australians report animals suffering slow horrible deaths.(4)
There have been many incidences on Oahu where shopping center or apartment complex managers have decided to stop a TNRM program and exterminate cats.  Residents report a worse situation with sickly kittens and unfixed adults. Areas where management works with cat caretakers, there is a win win situation. Feeding stations are located out of site and there is no need to use rat poison.        
In public areas, Trap Neuter Release Management of cats is working. Disney Land has beautiful program. In Hawaii, (see testimonials on youtube) citizens such as bus drivers, doctors, firefighters, Police Officers etc. not only help feed but report populations of fixed cats decreasing. Many well managed areas are a huge success and enjoy a zero growth rate. Areas that suffer from "dumping" of animals are still dramatically improved when TMRM is in place.  Folks who help with TNRM spend their own money and time. The reward is being a part of humane population control. When there are no more kittens and fixed cats are healthy, there is great satisfaction. Can you imagine the heart ache if tax money pays for Trap Traumatize and Kill (TTK) cats where they have spent years establishing a fixed colony?

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