Hawaii Happy Cats, Inc. - Compassion for Abandoned Cats!
The biggest issue we face since 2012 up until now is the abandonment of pets into feral cat colonies.
The worst thing you can do to your pet is to abandon them.
House pets are not street-wise, not familiar with the area, and not equipped to survive a miserable existence on the street. Most dumped pets will die within a year due to car accidents or sickness, and are often subject to cruelty. There will be cat fights for territory and newcomers are in for a big fight everyday. Dumped pets are depressed, stressed, and get sick easily because of this, just like how humans can become ill from stress and depression. They are lucky if they can find any leftover food.
Most the time, these cats will just pace the street eating scrap, get sick, then die a miserable death. This is what is happening to your pet cat when you decide to dump your pet into a cat colony. They are not used to not having three meals a day and no love and affection.
Please TRY to take your cats with you when you move no matter how old, young, small, or big. They would rather be with you! If you can not take them with you, please contact local shelters and rescue groups for help, adopt them out yourself, and ask friends and family for help. The Hawaiian Humane Society has a foster program that assists military members with their pets during an emergency leave and also has a listing of Pets Allowed Rentals.

There is no excuse to dump your beloved family member! They are counting on you for protection and love. Please don't hurt them and cause them a premature death by dumping them! Hawaii is definitely a paradise but most definitely not a paradise to homeless abandoned cats!
There are so many ways to stop the overpopulation of our community cats such as adopting your next cat at your local shelters, spaying or neutering your cat, and keeping your cat indoors. If you have more than a few cats, please consider cat enclosures.