Hawaii Happy Cats, Inc. - Compassion for Abandoned Cats!

5 months old male kitten
available for adoption
Ninja is neutered and vaccinated
For a visit with Ninja


Aloha! We dedicate our resources to care for the community of homeless cats and we do the best of our ability. We provide these abandoned cats with food, water, medical attention and lots of love.
We just want to thank all of our dedicated caregivers for their valuable time and resources. Our Community Cats love you!
We want to thank our supporters for your generous donations from tuna, food, trap, towels, household goods to money. We most definitely cannot make it without your kindness.
We also want to thank all of our foster families that help with caring, socializing, and finding homes for the kitties. Your work is priceless!  Because of you, many found loving homes...Happy Cats at last!

 Thank you so much for visiting! Please help to spread the word to help our happy cats!
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Last updated 8/1/17